The Current View

I went out to water the pocket prairie today for the first time. We aren’t getting much rain and I’d hate to see all those seeds fail to germinate or be eaten instead of filling the pocket with plants. I’ve held out this long in the hopes of having it all occur as nature would have it. I got antsy. I’m sorry.

So I was out watering and saw our neighbor. I confessed to her that I have no idea how this thing is going to turn out and my fear that it will be reported and mowed before anything has a chance to be salvaged. If this year doesn’t do something awesome, my plan is to move plants into other more landscaped areas of the yard and still be able to have them. Her words: Don’t buy a problem that doesn’t exist. Wait and see how it looks.

I appreciate those words from her. I realized that one thing I want to do to help people understand what’s going on is to make a sign. Then I thought, there’s so much I’d want to put on that sign so maybe a blog??? So here I am. Blogging about my pocket prairie in progress.

So without further ado, here’s what it looks like right now. IMG_3335

You can see the darker green rectangle. That’s it. The dirt nearest the sidewalk is actually a small blueberry bush and the tree farther down is a Gala Apple. Updates soon! -JD

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