Welcome to the McCoy Pocket Prairie Garden and blog! I’m sure that if you are here, you are curious about the large rectangle on the west side of out lot. Thank you for making it this far, I’m excited to tell you all about it!

First, for people who aren’t from around here, you should know that this area of our corner city lot in inner-city Oklahoma City was mowed regularly, never watered and only used as a place to walk for people trying to stay out of the street. This seems like a perfect place to seed native grasses and wildflowers as a way station for migrating butterflies and to naturalize a small area of our lot. It’s pretty much neglected and only growing weeds to be mowed. So here’s what we’ve done:

I attended a workshop in fall 2015 about starting a pocket prairie. It was put on by The Nature Conservancy and a local landscaping company called Olthia. They provided ~$35 worth of seed for the project. It consisted of 80% Native grasses (Indian Grass, Little Blue Stem, Big Blue Stem and others) and 20% Native wildflowers. Think Indian Blanket and others.

Back in the coldest part of the winter we measured out the area we wanted to use, About 7’x20′. We left room to mow on all sides to provide walking space on the street side and a boundary between the fence and the prairie on the east side. We also used our weed eater to cut the existing grass as close to the dirt as we could. We then mixed all the seeds into a large bag of soil and then, as a family, sprinkled the seed & soil mix evenly around our rectangle. Since then, it’s been a wait and see thing. I’m so curious to see what seeds make it and how it’s going to fit in once things get tall. Will the neighbors hate it, love it, REPORT IT?

We shall see. I’m starting this blog as a place to keep notes and allow curious people to have their questions answered. Send me any you have and I’ll see what I can do. -JD

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