New Babies Popping Up

I went out yesterday to check in on the pocket prairie and saw some new babies popping up. While I was looking, I saw one or 2 of each and thought it was going to be a little sad on the wildflower front this year. I went back out today to get pictures in better light and I started noticing many more of the same babies. I can’t tell you what they are yet but I’m putting up my baby pictures any way 😄 I’m also including a picture of a little tiny mound of grass. I don’t know if these are part of the seeds (I’m not great with identifying grass until it goes to seed) but I saw them all over the yard and in the median in front of our house so probably not. I did notice that after the first mow of the lawn, the little mounds are gone. Maybe the mow killed them. No idea. But they are still here in the prairie where we have not mowed. Let me know what your think. If you’ve walked by this week, have you noticed these babies?

If you’ve never been by, you can see there are a lot of “weeds” in there. Bermuda Grass and other things. I’m waiting on most of this to see how the native grasses do. I will be going out and removing anything that’s not allowing the native plants to thrive. I also have a lot to learn about what’s native and what’s not. I’m not rushing this thing.



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