If You’re Seeing This…

If you’re seeing this, it’s probably because we finally got our signs posted and you found out about the pocket prairie’s blog 🙂

pocket prairie signs

Pocket Prairie and Monarch Waystation signs!

If not… Lookie! My signs both came and I can’t wait to get them posted. I think I’m going to wait until the grass gets a little higher before we dig the hole and plant the pole. At any rate, I’m pretty pleased with my personal sign explaining what we are doing and where to get more information (HERE!).

I also went out this week and seeded 2 packets of Asclepius tuberose just to be sure I’ve got that covered for the monarchs. It may be a little late in the spring for this but I have them in other parts of my yard so I can always seed again in the fall and not worry about having none at all.

What do you think? Is this how you found the blog? Have you been wondering why we’ve neglected the weeds in this one area while planting and cleaning up other areas? Let me know what your thoughts are, I’m really curious about what you’d like to know.

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