Tornado Weather

It’s looking a little dismal out there. Hopefully the weather doesn’t get too wild. I’d take some rain but hail and high (LOL, higher than usual for Oklahoma) winds will not help my new plants.
I’m thinking up future posts while I wait for the storms. Things like what plants have medicinal properties (how the prairie can heal you) and what plants can be used for natural dyes. What are you interested in?  Would you like to know about what prairie plants can be used to spin thread and then be woven into cloth? Maybe we can find out how to survive on the prairie alone. I’m willing to bet there’s a prairie plant that can be used to make brooms. Let’s stretch our minds and find as many ways to use it as we can! Maybe this will guide my collection as well.
I’ve been learning about a couple of the plants growing in the prairie and my yard trying to decide if they should stay or if I need to take them out by hand. I’ve already been able to use this information to help someone else identify the same ‘weed’ coming up in her yard. Yay for knowledge and learning!

Stay safe y’all.


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