First Year Woes

So this morning we saw men in the street with their trucks parked along Military Ave.. I put on my Mrs. Kravitz face and went to find out what the heck they’re up to…


Turns out we are going to get a new primary electrical line in the easement along Military Ave. and they were out marking utilities, mostly the AT&T lines that run through our yard. I asked if they’d dig or bore and they seemed to think they might be able to bore under the pocket prairie but these are the guys that mark the lines, not the ones that will put in the line. He said because of the sign, they’d probably bore under knowing we’ve put work into it. It does still look like I’m just letting the weeds grow so hopefully the sign will save me some heartache.


The lesson here? Probably something about putting a sign up when your intentions might not yet be clear. Or something along the lines of that and not expecting people to just know what the heck you are doing. This is our first year and it’s going to be interesting. HA.

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