Obviously not from today as it’s completely overcast. We are so close to having our first seeded flowers bloom!

On May 6, I showed you the spray painted lines and flags indicating where OG&E intended to put a new main line underground. I’ve since found out that the line will be going on the other side of Military Ave. and will affect our neighbor’s lot, not ours.
This is great news for the pocket prairie but not great for our neighbor who keeps a manicured lawn of only Bermuda grass. Our neighbor to the south is no longer facing the prospect of moving her roses, she’s relieved too.

I went out to water today, only the 3rd time, I’m really wanting this to be a natural thing and not put a lot of resources into it but noticed one of my purchased plants looks like it’s almost completely dried out. Hopefully I got to it in time, if not we will have no Golden False Indigo. Until I buy another. Ha. Anyhow, as I was watering I had the pleasure of talking very briefly to a lady walking by who was interested to know if I had any Milkweed growing out there so I told her about seeding some and planting another and how it had Milkweed Bug eggs and nibbles. We talked a little about the butterflies needing all the help they can get. Great interaction. I’m glad people are interested.

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