First Male Swallowtail 

Definitely smaller than the females, I noticed that right off and began wondering if males are just smaller in general. His color and pattern are how I know for sure that he is not a she. ♥️

Learning Everyday

This weed pops up in 1,000 new places ever summer. I can’t keep up. Now it’s in my grass and raised garden beds. It’s even in the pocket prairie. It’s one of those little nuisances every gardener faces.


Yesterday I watched this monarch checking the vines popping up in my grass. Flitting around like she was laying eggs. So I google and I learn that this obnoxious plant is also a host plant for the Monarchs and now I’m torn. Torn between mowing and letting the weeds get tall until they are done eating. It’s everywhere though and I don’t intend to bring them inside to protect so I may go move them by hand into a pot so I can mow and keep an eye on these babies for a while.  

I learn something new everyday. I’m including a bonus pic from my backyard last. It’s a little Circle of Life but an interesting thing to spot.