April Picture Update🌳

Plants are starting to get tall enough in the pocket prairie now so when I mow, you can tell the prairie is intentional. Some things are taking off like the giant coneflower and the Mexican hats. 

I did my first edging of the year and got WAY crooked lol. Its like hair. The grass will grow back. I won’t worry about it. 

I’m noticing the blanket flowers are springing up everywhere. I thought they might be thinner this year but they’re in and out of the prairie making themselves at home all over making it really hard for me to mow even though I know there will be plenty. 

There’s a new grass popping up too. I don’t know if it’s something to keep or pull so you know I’m letting it go. When it’s bigger and maybe when it flowers, I’ll ID it and make a decision.  Fingers crossed it’s some Indian grass or something else native. 🤞


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