Bustani is Open!

Today was opening day for Bustani’s Spring season. I went there last year and this year the same friend went with me. We were going up to close out my booth at Showplace Market finally and I was checking the hours for Bustani when I realized they opened TODAY. I was surprised but VERY excited. I also expected them to be pretty busy. They were.  SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO FIND A LIST OF WHAT I GOT!

Look at all the pretties!

My haul:

That’s a lot of preorders! There are even more in the other direction.

Orange Mexican Bush Zinnia Zinnia angustafolia ‘Crystal Orange’

Strawberry Seduction Yarrow Achillea ‘Strawberry Seduction’

Pink Fountain Guara Guara lindhiemeri ‘Pink Fountain’

Black Dalea Dalea frutescens

Prairie Fleabane Erigeron modestus

Maximillian Sunflower Helianthus maximilianii

Tropical Butterfly weed Asclepias curassavica x2

Arizona Butterfly Weed Asclepias angustifolia 

Prairie Baby’s Breath Euphorbia Corollata

Silver Groundsel Senecio via-vira – not native and going in another area of my yard

Large Coneflower Rudibeckia grandiflora x2

Veriegated Solomon’s Seal Polygonatum odoratum ‘variagatum – going in another part of the yard with more shade.

Perennial Cuphea Cuphea glutinosa

Letterman’s Ironweed Vernonia lettermannii

Blue False Indigo Baptisia australis var. minor

I may be stretching the ‘native’ theme a little thin. We’ll see how these things do.



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