My 7 year old is the smartest person I know. Yesterday as we were bringing our bikes back from the park, coming up to the pocket prairie, she said “I think we should make it bigger” 

ME TOO, kid. Me too.  ❤️🌱🏆

Standing Cypres?

I’ve been watching these 2 green, feathery spikes get tall and one get snapped off halfway down for several weeks. I was expecting blue blossoms for some reason. Today I noticed that theyre getting ready to bloom. Red. 😍 okay! Looks like possibly standing cypress and I can’t wait for it to open up.

Someone Borrowed…

A whole plant!

When I took pictures on Tuesday the little Mexican Bush Zinnia was there. It’s Saturday and the whole plant is gone 😩

It was close to the front edge, still very small and making lots of blooms. I guess I should be glad they didn’t try to take something larger and I’m not sure what, if anything, I can or should try to do about it.