March 2018 Update

I spent a day this week (my spring break) out in the pocket prairie cutting down the standing dead. There’s already a lot of grass coming up and plants that have emerged and are forming green mounds. I was really excited to see thousands of 1/4″ – 1/2″ seedlings everywhere. They’re probably all Indian Blankets, but that’s ok. I’m holding out hope that some are Butterfly Weeds and maybe some things I haven’t seen yet.

I removed a lot of the debris that was cut down but much of it was left to decompose and feed the soil microbes. I also got a little tired of cutting (with scissors) and left a few patched of the thick dead bermuda grass. I’m hoping it will shade its own self out when it started coming up from the roots. I’ll let you know how that goes. LOL.

I’ve been so busy with school that I don’t think I’ll be putting a lot into ANY of my gardening this year. I’m really hoping that things won’t get too out of control in my raised beds with no veggies planted and no one tending to them all week, every week. I doubt I will add any new plants to the pocket prairie as I have for the last 2 years. I’ll just be watching to see what it does on it’s own. Hoping the tall, native grasses will continue to spread and make less room for the Bermuda. We shall see. If you can’t tell, I’m a little perplexed on how to get rid of the Bermuda because I can’t pull it all without disturbing the roots of everything else and cutting it obviously just makes it shorter as seen on our lawn. Do you have any thoughts on this? A good voodoo spell? LOL, please leave a comment. I’ll hear you out and maybe even try your suggestion as long as it won’t hurt the other plants and living things. 🚫🌾

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