May 2018 Picture Update

I was afraid spring would never come this year. It’s here now but today feels more like summer with a high of 94°F! The Pink Evening Primrose has come back in the pocket prairie in a massive clump. It began blooming after the primrose in another part of my yard. I’ve noticed a huge drop in Indian Blanket flowers this year. It was so prolific the last 2 years that I’m really surprised. All I can think is that all of the perennials coming back from the roots have shaded out the seed. Who knows. We need to mow around it, there was a lot of good rain last week and the grass has shot up.  I’ve also noticed that the Passion Flower vine planted on the other side of the fence has sent roots into the pocket prairie. I’m not sure how I’ll handle that since there’s nothing in there for it to climb. It’s native so it’s welcome but I may add in a trellis. Maybe. What’s going on with your native plants right now? Anything interesting? Leave me a comment! JD 🌞