We had our first hard freeze here in Oklahoma, at least in OKC. I don’t know about farther south of the metro tho. It’s an important time of year for many reasons. Number 1 on my mind is that most everything has senesced or died completely. It makes for a vastly different look in my garden, my flowerbeds and the pocket prairie. Of course my first compulsion is to go out and cut everything back but as you know, those dead plants are providing habitat for many things right now. I may clean up everything but the pocket prairie because I consider it and the native plants to be the most important (I’m kidding, I’ll probably not do anything until after finals) for our native wildlife. Whatever gets cleaned up, the pocket prairie stays until mid-March when other food sources begin to grow. Unless of course it becomes some sort of hazard. At that point, I do what needs to be done. 🤷🏼‍♀️

2nd on my mind is to remind you, if you’re starting wildflowers from seed, some need cold stratification, scarification, etc… this freeze/wet/warm/freeze/whatever the weather brings is ideal for some of those. It’s the natural process that helps the seed coat wear down so the seed can germinate. If you have seeds that require those things, and you’re not into micromanaging, go ahead and put them out now. When we started the pocket prairie, the seeds were mixed with soil and spread this time of year. It was all I could handle, patience wise, to wait for the first tiny seedlings to emerge and begin to grow. And find out what they were!!

3rd on my mind is this: a lot of gardeners are very proactive with their tools and probably spend this time of year cleaning, oiling, sharpening, replacing and what not. My husband breaks the shovels and I break the smaller stuff. We don’t buy the most expensive garden tools… this may be half or all of the problem lol. Whatever. My point is, there are lots of garden-related things to be done this time of year if it gives you the blues seeing less green. Planning for spring and shopping for seeds is tops for me, personally. I’m hoping to move the largest grasses in the pocket prairie to other, more appropriate, places in our yard and take the pocket prairie more in a mixed or short grass direction. Use more of those giant things as landscaping around the house. I’m not sure when the best time to do that is but I’m sure I won’t be able to mess it up too bad. I just need to plan for the max height and drooping better.

What are you thinking about, working on, planning for right now? Send me a message! I’d love to connect with more pocket prairie people. JD 🌵🍂🍁

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