Everything that’s EVER been added to the Pocket Prairie by us (intentionally) EVER.

Will be updated as things are added AND THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER NATIVES TO ADD!! Current count: About 40 different plants….

Arizona Butterfly Weed Asclepias angustifolia Transplanted Spring 2017

Butterfly weed Asclepias tuberosa Seeded Winter 2015, Seeded April 2016, Seeded January 2017

Autumn Sneezeweed Helenium autumnale Transplanted Spring 2016

Big Blue Stem, Andropogon gerardii Seeded Winter 2015

Black Dalea Dalea frutescens Transplanted Spring 2017

Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia Rooted February 2017

Blazing Star Liatris spicata, Rooted 2017

Blue False Indigo Baptisia australis var. minor Transplanted Spring 2017

Brazos Penstemon Penstemon tenuis Transplanted Spring 2017

Elk Horn Milkweed Seeded January 2017

Fall Blooming Allium Allium stellatum Transplanted Spring 2016

Gaillardia Orange Blanket Flower Seeded February 2017

Giant Coneflower Rudbeckia maxima Transplanted Spring 2016

*Golden False Indigo Baptisia sphaerocarpa  Transplanted Spring 2016, I suspect this got too dry.

Hoary Vervain Verbena stricta Transplanted Spring 2016

Indian Blanket, Gaillardia pulchella Seeded Winter 2015

Indian Grass, Sorghastrum nutans Seeded Winter 2015, February 2017

Large Coneflower Rudibeckia grandiflora Transplanted Spring 2017

Large Rudbeckia Rudbeckia maxima  Seeded January 2017

Lead Plant Amorpha canescens Transplanted Spring 2016

Lemon Horsemint monarda citriodora Seeded February 2017

Letterman’s Ironweed Vernonia lettermannii Transplanted Spring 2017

Little Blue Stem, Schizachyrium scoparium Seeded Winter 2015

Magnus Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’ Transplanted Spring 2016

Maximillian Sunflower Helianthus maximilianii Transplanted Spring 2017

Mexican Hat Ratibida columnifera  Transplanted Spring 2016, Seeded 2017

Narrow-leaf Sunflower Helianthus angustifolius Transplanted Spring 2016

Native Wildflower Mix, ??? Seeded Winter 2015

*Orange Mexican Bush Zinnia Zinnia angustafolia ‘Crystal Orange’ Transplanted Spring 2017, missing as of May 2017

Perennial Cuphea Cuphea glutinosa Transplanted Spring 2017

Pink Evening Primrose Spotted Spring 2017

Pink Fountain Guara Guara lindhiemeri ‘Pink Fountain’  Transplanted Spring 2017

Poppy Mallow Callirhoe involucrata Transplanted Spring 2016

Prairie Baby’s Breath Euphorbia Corollata Transplanted Spring 2017

Prairie Fleabane Erigeron modestus Transplanted Spring 2017

Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea Rooted February 2017

Purple Prairie Clover Dalea purpurea Seeded February 2017

Rayless Gaillardia Gaillardia suavis Transplanted Spring 2016

*Rock Pink Talinum calycinum Transplanted Spring 2016, this one doesn’t seem to be present – April 2017

Showy Milkweed a speciosa Seeded February 2017

Silky Gold Butterfly Weed  Asclepias curassavica Transplanted Spring 2016

Strawberry Seduction Yarrow Achillea ‘Strawberry Seduction’  Transplanted Spring 2017

Switch Grass, Panicum virgatum Seeded Winter 2015

Tropical Butterfly weed Asclepias curassavica Transplanted Spring 2017

* May be dead or never came up


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