Prairie Coloring Sheets 😍

If you’re going to color, it might as well be the prairie!


Pink Evening Primrose?

Striking this from my wish list today. Saw a flash of pink as I pulled into the driveway, went back to inspect and one of the plants that’s come I this year had bloomed 😍 what do you think? Is my ID correct? Let me know!

Pocket Prairie Calendar

There’s always something to do. What would you add to this? Let me know if you think I left something out, it’s only my second summer. -JD

January – Mark your calendar with days to start seeds indoors. Consider adding hardscape, windmills, or other decor to your pocket prairie. It’s easier to add it now when you don’t have to worry about crushing live plants. Use sites like pinterest for ideas.
February – Start seeds indoors for plants you want to plant out after danger of frost.
March – Cut back any dead plants and grasses. Leaving the dead plants until mid-march provides food and habitat to insects and animals as well as visual interest for the humans. March begins the Monarch season, keep an eye out.
April – Plants are coming up, after danger of frost (April 15 for zone 7) start planting out your transplants. Bustani opens for spring mid month. Ok county Master Gardeners have their plant sale this month. Check Asclepius for eggs and bring them in if you’re going to raise monarchs. Any seeds that don’t need cold stratification or that weren’t started indoors can be sown this month after the 15th. Or before, if your brave.
May – WOAH! I can’t wait to see everything blooming! a lot of things should be blooming by now!
June – remember, some things you planted this year might take another year or 2 to bloom. Hold tight, they’re getting good roots down right now. Enjoy what IS blooming!
July – enjoy the pocket prairie, take notes and pictures to document each month how everything does and if anything needs to be moved for next year, etc…
August – start your wish list for next year now. Find out the names of plants you want and what friend or retailer has them.
September – Learn about monarchs and make sure you have plenty of asclepius for next year or plan to add them.
October – Monarchs will be migrating south now. Get out those seed catalogues and order seeds for next month.
November – direct sow seeds that need cold stratification to germinate
December – take a class, workshop or webinar about pollinators, native plants or anything else. It’s cold, you might as well be learning if you can’t do much in the prairie. It’s taking care of it’s self right now. Set a budget for plants and start saving… lol

Bustani is Open!

Today was opening day for Bustani’s Spring season. I went there last year and this year the same friend went with me. We were going up to close out my booth at Showplace Market finally and I was checking the hours for Bustani when I realized they opened TODAY. I was surprised but VERY excited. I also expected them to be pretty busy. They were.  SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO FIND A LIST OF WHAT I GOT!

Look at all the pretties!

My haul:

That’s a lot of preorders! There are even more in the other direction.

Orange Mexican Bush Zinnia Zinnia angustafolia ‘Crystal Orange’

Strawberry Seduction Yarrow Achillea ‘Strawberry Seduction’

Pink Fountain Guara Guara lindhiemeri ‘Pink Fountain’

Black Dalea Dalea frutescens

Prairie Fleabane Erigeron modestus

Maximillian Sunflower Helianthus maximilianii

Tropical Butterfly weed Asclepias curassavica x2

Arizona Butterfly Weed Asclepias angustifolia 

Prairie Baby’s Breath Euphorbia Corollata

Silver Groundsel Senecio via-vira – not native and going in another area of my yard

Large Coneflower Rudibeckia grandiflora x2

Veriegated Solomon’s Seal Polygonatum odoratum ‘variagatum – going in another part of the yard with more shade.

Perennial Cuphea Cuphea glutinosa

Letterman’s Ironweed Vernonia lettermannii

Blue False Indigo Baptisia australis var. minor

I may be stretching the ‘native’ theme a little thin. We’ll see how these things do.



April Picture Update🌳

Plants are starting to get tall enough in the pocket prairie now so when I mow, you can tell the prairie is intentional. Some things are taking off like the giant coneflower and the Mexican hats. 

I did my first edging of the year and got WAY crooked lol. Its like hair. The grass will grow back. I won’t worry about it. 

I’m noticing the blanket flowers are springing up everywhere. I thought they might be thinner this year but they’re in and out of the prairie making themselves at home all over making it really hard for me to mow even though I know there will be plenty. 

There’s a new grass popping up too. I don’t know if it’s something to keep or pull so you know I’m letting it go. When it’s bigger and maybe when it flowers, I’ll ID it and make a decision.  Fingers crossed it’s some Indian grass or something else native. 🤞


The weather can be so rude. I was expecting SOME rain today. The forecast kept changing though. Part of the plan for seeding was to take advantage of the coming rain, even if it wasn’t much. But I watered the heck out of the seed and soil yesterday in case we ended up getting nothing. That’s the only thing giving me any hope that all my seed won’t wash away. Maybe I got it settled down in well enough. Maybe. I’ve already told my husband that we may have strange things popping up in the yard this year because of tonight’s insane rain storm. 😩☔️

Yep. That looks about right. 

UPDATE: this morning things don’t look bad. It seems that everything is pretty much undisturbed. 

February 18, 2017

img_9029               img_9037-1

I haven’t updated in a while, partly because I don’t imagine a lot of people are hanging on my every word about the Pocket Prairie and also, not much has been going on. At the end of the fall when most everything was brown, I took the lawn mower to the Pocket Prairie. I only left what was still alive and the one clump of native grass that came up.

It has sat like that since.

We still see the occasional walker stop to read the sign. The contractors that replaced part of the gas line for the gas company read the sign.

But now, I see little hints that things are not dead. The Giant Coneflower Rudbeckia maxima has come out of the ground. I’m predicting huge growth and blooms this year! I’m seeing a few Blanket Flower teeny babies like last year but this year I know what those fine, frond-y things are. There are other things from established last year that are showing the first bits of green and I’m really happy. I know we will have much more variety and color this year. I hope we reach 6′ tall and more.

Today was a day to add new seed. I had a ‘little’ help from my daughter. We added 6 kinds of seed mixed with potting soil as well as adding more Indian Grass, Sorghastrum nutans from an area where it’s growing outside of the Pocket Prairie. We also planted roots for Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia and Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea. I also transplanted Blazing Star from my front flowerbed. I’ll move more another year, right now I’m letting them multiply.

About a month ago we added more Asclepias tuberosa from the backyard as well as some Elk Horn Milkweed seed harvested from my aunt’s pasture near Tecumseh, OK.

The rest of the seeds added today were purchased with a donation to the Oklahoma County Extension Master Gardener Program so I’ll also tell who donated them if it was on the envelope. Because… Provenance, Y’all. It should also be noted that I’m using the plant name written on the envelope as is.

Gaillardia Orange Blanket Flower Jackie Pogue

Mexican Hat Ritibida Columnifera  Jamie Ashmore

Large Rudbeckia the envelope notes: with soft brown wash in the center  Jackie Pogue (hoping I got this link right, I’ll check back when they’re blooming and adjust if necessary)

Purple Prairie Clover Dalea purpurea

Showy Milkweed a speciosa  J. Morton

Lemon Horsemint monarda citriodora

Look for a post soon listing everything we’ve planted or seeded in the Pocket Prairie. I need one place with everything in it!